1854 Commits (1492738c9e05ad77accea0dbbdd275bc98d7d4b8)

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  Neil Alexander 1492738c9e
golangci-lint in CI (#733) 2 years ago
  Neil Alexander 48bf0ce210
Revert "Fix build" 2 years ago
  Neil Alexander e09ca6a089
Fix build 2 years ago
  asymmetric 7588a55e84
README: mention Nix package (#689) 2 years ago
  Ryan Westlund fcb6f5ca36
Set default conf file on FreeBSD to /usr/local/etc/yggdrasil.conf (#717) 2 years ago
  Arceliar 33e3679458
multicast, use the prebuilt interface map when checking active listeners (#707) 2 years ago
  George 48f008a8e2
Implement Core.RemovePeer method (#699) (#709) 2 years ago
  Arceliar ed3bf5ef07
Merge pull request #705 from Arceliar/bugfix 3 years ago
  Arceliar 85eec5ba8e tcp ygg-over-ygg debug logging 3 years ago
  Arceliar 8345ae1fa3 don't allow ygg tcp connections to/from a local ygg address 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 45810fa184
Merge pull request #703 from Arceliar/dht 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 895bd681a1
Merge pull request #700 from Arceliar/multicast 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 8cca565ac4
Update go.mod/go.sum for yggdrasil-extras for iOS builds 3 years ago
  Arceliar eefabb5f9f disregard nodes if they're unimportant, even if they're already in the DHT 3 years ago
  Arceliar 40bfd207f5 don't store every node we hear from in the DHT, only ones we already know about or that are important 3 years ago
  Arceliar 7778a47a8f fix darwin compile problem 3 years ago
  Arceliar 98816f34b2 don't spam calls to net.Interfaces and net.Interface.Addrs (hopefully) 3 years ago
  Arceliar 1e471e3712 back to master's version of multicast, lets try rewriting it again 3 years ago
  Arceliar c2d6e9e8f1 close listener when a multicast interface is removed 3 years ago
  Arceliar 169b8747d4
Merge pull request #696 from Arceliar/bugfix 3 years ago
  Arceliar 7063ddcc73 slightly cleaner fix to conn String deadlock issue 3 years ago
  Arceliar bc48e4bb80 fix deadlock in conn (unsafe use of phony.Block) 3 years ago
  Arceliar dd548fc0fa
Merge pull request #685 from yggdrasil-network/neilalexander/pinning 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander f70b2ebcea
Fix bad check 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 2a2ad76479
Use maps instead of slices 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander a59fd2a489
Merge branch 'develop' into neilalexander/pinning 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander d0f2d889af
Merge pull request #687 from yggdrasil-network/neilalexander/hjson 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 9dfe0f4b4b
Fix hjson dependency? 3 years ago
  Arceliar dafaef898b
Merge pull request #686 from Arceliar/multicast 3 years ago
  Arceliar 7779d86c5b maybe fix multicast deadlock on darwin 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 13a2d99fdc
Set SOCKS peer addr to resolved address 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 8b180e941a
Add SOCKS proxy auth (closes #423) 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 58345ac198
Track proxy addr and real peer addr in SOCKS mode 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander fbf59184ee
Use query string instead, allow specifying multiple keys (might be useful for DNS RR) 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander e849b3e119
Initial support for pinning public keys in peering strings 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander b4d72dc604
Merge pull request #684 from yggdrasil-network/neilalexander/multicast 3 years ago
  Arceliar 95f4ec52a4 save only the link-local addresses for multicast 3 years ago
  Arceliar de79401bb2 only call (net.Interface).Addrs() once per minute per interface 3 years ago
  Arceliar 02e1cb180d possibly reduce multicast cpu usage even more 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 127b7e311c
Clean up a bit 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 0c7cf65d27
Move some logging back to debug 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander a115d18595
Refactor the multicast code a bit 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 78b5f88e4b
Version 0.3.14 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 52491d63ab
Merge pull request #672 from Arceliar/bugfix 3 years ago
  Arceliar 7a314afb31 check if an error was returned by Core._init and return it if so 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 05c6006f51
Update changelog 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander a6275b48a3
Merge pull request #667 from yggdrasil-network/neilalexander/go1141 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander aa4def2f8d
Use Go 1.14.1 to build, update wireguard package references 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander e7228c7ae4
Merge pull request #666 from jcgruenhage/ansible-genkeys-progress-bar 3 years ago
  Neil Alexander 83c41d57c2
Merge pull request #663 from rany0/patch-3 3 years ago